For nearly 30 years, Brookes Publishing has published highly respected resources in early childhood, early intervention, inclusive and special education, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, literacy, communication and language, behavior, and mental health.

Our Mission
  • Helping children and adults with disabilities lead fulfilling and self-directed lives

  • Ensuring early intervention for children with special needs and children at risk

  • Preparing educators for the challenges they face in today's inclusive classrooms

  • Providing professionals with research-based theory and practice (because one without the other just isn't enough)

Brookes is committed to each of those goals as a company, and we show it in our attention to the details. Every manuscript we publish undergoes an extensive review process and careful editing before it becomes a bound book. We work hard to understand the needs of our authors and customers by talking with them in person at professional conferences in the U.S. and abroad each year. And we value every author and customer because you're all important contributors to the lives of the children and adults you care for and work with.

For More Information

We're proud of our company's independence and long commitment to the human services. To learn more about Brookes, please visit our web site or feel free to contact us at 1-800-638-3775.

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