We are happy to announce that Read, Play, and Learn!® author Toni Linder is available to schools and school districts for workshops!

About Toni Linder's Workshops

A workshop with Dr. Linder can be a 1-day overview, a 5-day seminar full of hands-on learning experiences, or any length in between. (Planning for at least a 2-day workshop is recommended.)

First, Dr. Linder shows how Read, Play, and Learn!® can be used with children with disabilities as well as typically developing children to boost cognitive, communication, social-emotional, and sensorimotor development in addition to pre-academic skills. She explains the activities and processes incorporated into preschool and kindergarten classrooms and uses slides to illustrate examples of the curriculum modules.

In the remainder of the workshop, you will learn how to develop classroom centers that integrate developmental, educational, and therapeutic approaches. Dr. Linder will show you how to identify each child’s level of learning (sensorimotor, functional, symbolic) and adapt activities so that each can be challenging yet accessible to children at all levels. She also explains how to involve team members (teachers, paraprofessionals, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech–language pathologists) and the children’s families to implement IEP goals as part of the curriculum and extend activities and skills gained beyond the classroom.

Bonus! You can combine a workshop on Read, Play, and Learn!® with a presentation on Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment and Intervention (TPBA and TPBI).

To Arrange a Seminar...

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