Administrators like
Read, Play, and Learn!® because:
  • Read, Play, and Learn!® is a literacy- and play-based curriculum designed to ensure children’s future success in a literacy-based culture while fostering children’s enjoyment of learning and sense of self-competence.

  • Read, Play, and Learn!® help young children build cognitive, communication and language, social-emotional, sensorimotor, and emerging literacy skills — all of the key domains. The program is both educationally and developmentally sound.

  • Read, Play, and Learn!® meets the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Guidelines for Appropriate Curriculum and Assessment in Programs Serving Children Ages 3 Through 8. (Read a full correlation of Read, Play, and Learn!® to the guidelines.)

  • Read, Play, and Learn!® meets content-area standards for reading, writing, speaking an listening, science, and mathematics necessary for kindergarten and elementary school readiness.

  • Read, Play, and Learn!® was developed with substantial input from a team of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists to ensure that the curriculum effectively meets the needs of children with mild to severe disabilities in addition to typically developing children. With Read, Play, and Learn!®, teachers who work in general, inclusive, and special education classrooms will have practical tools for individualizing children’s goals and instruction, leading to better outcomes for all children.

  • Read, Play, and Learn!’s® tools for involving families in the learning process encourages parent and guardian participation and more easily opens dialogue between families and administrators.

  • The use of Read, Play, and Learn!® in multiple classroom ensures consistency without stifling teachers’ creativity or child-directed learning opportunities in the classroom.

  • Read, Play, and Learn!® is cost-effective; there are no student materials to purchase, and all of the storybooks used in the curriculum are readily available at libraries.

  • Workshops for teachers and administrators on Read, Play, and Learn!® are available from Toni Linder herself, the curriculum’s author. (For details, see Professional Development.)

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