New and experienced teachers like Read, Play, and Learn!® because:
  • Read, Play, and Learn!® offers a complete curriculum. The Teacher’s Guide explains in detail how to set up the classroom, and each module includes day-by-day guidelines and activity descriptions for each classroom center, planning sheets, lists of recommended materials, and suggestions for involving parents.

  • Read, Play, and Learn!® promotes cognitive, sensorimotor, communication and language, social-motional, and emergent literacy skills — all of the key developmental skills that teachers must foster in young children.

  • Read, Play, and Learn!® teaches through stories and activities centered around themes that relate to the children's own lives, like making new friends, sharing emotions, understanding other cultures, and learning about and enjoying the seasons — meaning that children are engaged, motivated, and ready to learn.

  • Read, Play, and Learn!® was designed from the start to be adaptable and inclusive of children with special needs. Each storybook module contains modifications for every activity, so teachers can easily individualize instruction, capitalize on the unique strengths of every child, and ensure that all students participate fully in the classroom.

  • Read, Play, and Learn!® is fun and creative: The curriculum provides teachers with many alternatives and allows them to use their imaginations in creating the different classroom centers and implementing the many activities. If teachers are frustrated by the lack of options provided by their current curriculum, they will love exercising their creativity with Read, Play, and Learn!®

  • Experienced teachers can also make creative use of the materials they’ve developed in the past with Read, Play, and Learn!®. For example, the activities in the module for “The Snowy Day” build on the themes of winter and snow. Teachers may already have a number of materials they can use with this module, and they can also easily incorporate their own favorites activities.

  • With its curriculum of popular storybooks and its emphasis on play, Read, Play, and Learn!® captures children’s interest in learning, allowing them to develop academically, emotionally, socially, and physically through fun activities. When children are engaged with their work, teachers are better able to teach.

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