Toni Linder is currently a professor and graduate coordinator at the College of Education at the University of Denver. In addition to developing Read, Play, and Learn!®, she has authored books on transdisciplinary play-based assessment (TPBA) and intervention (TPBI). Her personal interest in a storybook-based curriculum began in 1977 when she was a teacher in a summer school for gifted children. Her approach was so successful, she decided to expand it into classes for young children with disabilities.

It was during her work at the Sewall Child Development Center in Denver where, building on her use of TPBA and TPBI, she developed Read, Play, and Learn!®. The curriculum is a product of her many years of work and consultation with teachers, students, and specialists.

After receiving her B.S. in English from Iowa State University, Dr. Linder went on to receive her M.A. and Ed.D degrees in special education from the University of Northern Colorado. She received her appointment to the University of Denver in 1976. In addition to her teaching duties, Dr. Linder directs the Child and Family studies master’s and doctoral degree programs at the university and works with infant and preschool programs in Denver. She has worked with children with disabilities for more than 30 years.

Dr. Linder lives in the Denver area with her son, Adam, who she thanks for his creativity, imagination, and love of play, drama, and costumes.

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