About the Classroom

Program: Preschool and Kindergarten Programs at Liberty Benton Elementary School in Findlay, OH
Age of Children: 3-6 years
Number of Children in Program: 20 in the preschool class, 20 in the kindergarten class

See photos of the children's artwork! The preschool and kindergarten classes at Liberty Benton Elementary are inclusive. Of the 40 children in the two classes, 16 have identified disabilities, ranging from language delays to autism to visual impairment to speech and motor delays. The preschool class has 1 teacher and 2 assistants and the kindergarten class has 1 teacher and 1 assistant. Specialists come into the preschool classroom to work with children in the various centers. Pull-out services are provided when needed. Special education services are provided for the kindergarten students on a pull-out basis.

Before adopting Read, Play, and Learn!®, the preschool program was theme-based with stories centered around each theme. The kindergarten program used "The Letter People"

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