About the Classroom

Program: Exceptional Children PreK Program at Lincoln Primary School in Leland, NC
Age of Children: 3-5 years
Number of Children in Program: 10

The program at Lincoln Primary is an early childhood special education setting. The class consists of 3-5-year-olds with developmental delays in language, behavior, and cognitive skills. The classroom is staffed by a teacher with a birth-K certification in teaching children with learning disabilities and mental retardation and an assistant working toward a special education degree who has experience working with adults with disabilities in a group home setting.

Physical therapy and speech-language services are provided in the classroom. Since implementing Read, Play, and Learn!®, therapists have coordinated their activities with the story modules. They also collaborate with the classroom teacher in choosing fine motor and oral activities. Before the program used Read, Play, and Learn!®, the curriculum was a blend of storybook theme units and supplemental math and language activities.

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