Children's art livens up the classroom and contributes to the theme. Work done in the Art Area and other visual and tactile projects enable children at various levels of development to symbolize their thoughts nonverbally.
  • In addition to developing fine motor skills, art activities such as painting a mural offer children the chance to share concepts presented every day in the story and a means for beginning to represent ideas in a symbolic form.

  • Children not yet able to represent ideas in their artwork can be encouraged to make that shift by using real pictures from magazines, by coloring their own primitive renderings, or by just adding concrete elements such as cotton balls for clouds to their artwork.

  • Children who can represent ideas and actions in their artwork should be encouraged to represent the new characters and actions they create through dramatizing the story through painting, drawing, cut and paste, make Styrofoam or fabric puppets — Artwork can be labeled and described by the children and the words written down on paper.