Tricycle riding builds gross motor skills. Outdoor play is exciting for children! It provides them with an opportunity to get fresh air, move about freely, and interact with other children. Outdoor play can include the use of large playground objects, such as slides, swings, and climbing equipment, as well as large motor games and dramatic play activities.

Outdoor play encourages social interaction among children, teaching them to take turns, help each other, and compromise. It also helps children increase their independence as they learn to rely less and less on adults and other children and begin to perform playground activies unassisted.

Outdoor play also improves children's physical development. Large muscle groups are developed through skipping, swinging, running, and jumping; hand-eye coordination is increased through catching and throwing games; and swinging and walking on a balance beam improve balance.

Cognitive development also occurs during outdoor play. Children can work on counting while skipping rope or throwing a ball. They also exercise their imaginations when they role play and act out real-life experiences, such as playing house or school.