Children learn to count and classify in the Science and Math Center. The Science and Math Center contains math manipulatives, counters, rulers, string and fasteners, containers for sorting, and magnifying glasses, as well as space for gowing plants and nurturing live animals. This center also should contain a computer, if possible.

The Science and Math Center helps children learn to measure, count, and classify items. For example, in the module The Knight and the Dragon, children might measure their heights, estimate the dragon's height, then talk about concepts of "big" and "little" and "big, bigger, and biggest." Children might prepare snacks for snack time in the Science and Math Center, concentrating on counting and measuring food items or learning about the scientific properties of particular foods.

Children can learn to work cooperatively with one another in the Science and Math Center and can feel a great sense of personal achievement (e.g., from planting seeds and watching them grow or learning to use the computer).

In addition, this center provides a perfect opportunity for developing children's fine muscle control (e.g., spreading peanut butter on celery for snacks), enhancing eye-hand coordination (e.g., planting seeds in soil), and improving visual skills (e.g., tracking movement on the computer monitor).