Children explore texture during The Kissing Hand module. The Sensory Area should contain various sensory materials, such as a sand and water table for exploring various tactile materials; small tubs filled with beans, rice, or other items; and various noisemaking devices, including a tape recorder, record or CD player, and musical instruments, to allow children to experiment with sounds. The area also should include containers with different scents and other special materials, such as Lightboxes. (Lightboxes are lighted boxes on which materials can be placed so that the objects, color, shape, and size can be more clearly perceived.)

Playing with sand and water is very calming for children and helps to build various skills. Children improve their fine motor abilities by sifting sand or scooping water into a pail. Playing in sand and water also can illustrate certain scientific concepts, such as floating and sinking. In addition, when children play at the sand and water table alongside other children, they learn to share and get along with others.

Experimenting with a variety of musical instruments can help children express emotions; they might equate the beat of a bass drum with anger and the high-pitched, soft tones of a flute with happiness. Playing instruments also improves fine motor skills.