A boy works independently in the Table Play Area. Table Play in Read, Play, and Learn! incorporates the same type of activities as the Floor Play area, with the exception of large block play, and may also include some art activities or craft projects.
  • Table toy play offers children the opportunity to be imaginitive and to solve problems (e.g., putting together a puzzle).

  • Many table games also offer the opportunity to practice matching, ordering, and classifying, which are important mathematical skills. In addition, many activities that can be performed while sitting help children develop fine motor control and hand-eye coordination.

  • Much table play involves working together in small groups (especially when playing games), thereby increasing children's social skills and cooperation.

    Children also learn self-control when they have to wait their turn while playing a game or sharing art supplies. Working on crafts or puzzles also helps children develop self-discipline (by seeing a project through from start to finish) and helps children express their emotions (they might choose paint colors to match their moods or draw a picture of a scenario that has meaning for them).